The government has given no indication as to when the ban on the applications will be lifted. International Internet Gateway (IIG) operator Fibre at Home's Strategy Officer Sumon Ahmed Sabir said about 10 GBPS of their data had been used daily on an average to browse Facebook and for other apps before the ban.

"But the usage has slumped by 30 percent since last week," sabir said. About 51.9 million subscribers out of 54 million use mobile internet until September, according to latest Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) data.

The ban has cut through the average data usage on mobile phone by about 30 per cent. An official with a top mobile-phone operator said their internet package sale had also declined.

Bangladesh government blocked Facebook and online messaging and calling services like WhatsApp and Viber on security grounds last week over security reasons. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said on November 11 that the government was contemplating to block Viber and WhatsApp Messenger temporarily in the country to track down the cyber criminals.