Siliguri: The influx of more than three crore illegal Bangladeshi migrants into India has failed to awaken the government from its slumber. Rather, they are allegedly thriving on the illegal vote-bank of Bangladeshis. However, the only ones to spend sleepless nights over the issue are the internal and external security agencies.

The inflow of migrants has majorly hit places like Assam, Tripura, Meghalaya, Mizoram, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar, Nagaland, Delhi and Jammu & Kashmir due to which the population of the cities is increasing manifold. The most crucial fact is that the migrants are being used to execute terror activities in the country.

According to sources, Pakistan intelligence agency ISI and hardliners are the mastermind behind the increasing influx of migrants in the country, who are aiming to create a ‘Greater Bangladesh.’ For this, the country’s social and financial resources are being destroyed.

After the arrest and subsequent questioning of Gulet Mohamed of Muslim Voluntary Force with AK 47 and 500 cartridges, Afzal Ali of Muslim Liberation Tigers of Assam, Rafeeq Ali of Social Reforms Army of Assam, Mohammad Latif of Kargil Pak Muslim Organisation, Mohammad Masood of Adam Sena, Arif Mohamad of Islamic Liberation Army of Assam, Akram Khan of North East Muslim Front, it was understood that Pakistan’s ISI is planning a big conspiracy against India.

As per the ISI’s plan, 16 BSF jawans were killed on April 18, 2001 at Doraibadi. Later on April 16, 2005 Jeewan Kumar was brutally killed.

If sources are to be believed then 2000 km of Bangladesh bordering areas in Bihar and West Bengal, 200 km in Assam, 300km in Meghalaya, 700 km in Tripura are being used for the illegal trafficking of coal, woods, fake notes, narcotics and arms.

In the aforesaid places, at least 905 mosques, 439 madrasas from the Indian side and 960 mosques, 469 madrasas from the side of Bangladesh have been constructed respectively.  
Rivers like Brahmaputra, Barak, Ugsang, Mahananda, Teesta, Jijiram, Seemsang, and various other rivers are proving to be an added advantage for the migrants. Other than this, the mobile network is functional till the 30-km range outside India which is proving beneficial for spreading terror activities within the country.

According to former DIG Baroda Sharan Sharma of Border Security Force, the influx of Bangladeshi migrants is a serious issue to tackle with. However, Director General of Border Security Force, Raman Srivastava said, “We are prepared to face any situation. The preparations are continuously in process for the internal security.”