Chandigarh: A humble farmer in Haryana's Fatehabad district became a multi-billionaire for nearly an hour after Rs 964.64 crore was erroneously deposited in his bank account.

The farmer, Sushil Kumar, was shocked when he saw the astronomical amount on accessing his Punjab National Bank account to check the balance on Friday.

Kumar's status as multi-billionaire lasted for about an hour as, acting on the information, bank officials froze his account.

"Kumar's friend had deposited Rs 40,000 in his account. In a slip that was filled to deposit the money, the friend also mentioned his 10-digit mobile number, which overlapped with the amount," said PNB's General Manager (Haryana) Vinay Kumar.

"The mobile number was mistaken as the actual amount by one of our bank employees and the same got credited into the person's account," Vinay told.

He said the error was detected within no time and the account frozen.


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