Mumbai: The Development Credit Bank Limited (DCBL) is offering bank account numbers of customers’ choice to its high value account holders. The private city-based bank recently launched the facility and is giving options to change the last six digits of their account numbers. The rest being bank codes common for all.

“The service is free and available to both current and savings bank account holders, and existing and new customers,” said DCBL's vice president and head of marketing Gaurav Mehta.

The service is available at all the 80 interconnected branches of the bank in the country, including 26 in Mumbai.

The only requirement for the customer to get a desired account number is to maintain a minimum quarterly balance of half a million rupees.

However, there are certain flexible options kept by the DCBL on the minimum balance requirement.

Gaurav Mehta said many of their business and corporate customers have opted for the scheme and switched over to account numbers of their choice, depending on the availability.

Popular preferences remain single digits - 111111 or 999999 - to birth dates, anniversaries, or the number 786 in different combinations, among others, he said.