Panipat: In a bid to encourage investments, the banks in Panipat are on a spending spree and so far they have sanctioned loans of more than Rs 2190 crore to small scale industries and agricultural sector.

For the current fiscal year, banks in the district had a target of Rs 2639 crore loans to small entrepreneurs.

In the meeting of State Level Bankers' Committee (SLBC) presided by AGM of NABARD Ravishankar, it was informed that most of the loans were given to small entrepreneurs. While Rs 789 crore was given to the agricultural sector in the last nine months, the small entrepreneurs were sanctioned Rs 1202 crore loan and other primary sectors with Rs 179 crore.

In the meeting, the loan scheme was also revised. Emphasis to strengthen the security rules was discussed and directions to install CCTVs in the banks were issued. 

Lead District Manager, Mahesh Chandra, on the occasion informed that villages with population of more than 2000 will have banking outlets by the end of March 31 2012. According to 2001 census, there are 1868 villages with more than 2000 population and 610 villages among them are still waiting for banking facilities.

(JPN/ Bureau)