Mumbai: The Bhabha Atomic Research Centre has developed an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) for transportation of materials within the factory.
"Based on robotic science, we have developed this at the request of Bajaj Auto for its manufacturing set-up," said Manjit Singh, Director - Design, Manufacturing and Automation Group, BARC.
BARC has developed this at one-sixth the cost of the imported machine, Singh told reporters here on Wednesday.
The imported machine costs around Rs three crore while the BARC-developed AMTS would cost Rs 50 lakh.
Automated loading and unloading operations are performed by programmed motion of powered roller conveyors onboard the AGV, and on corresponding stationary units, said Dr Prabir K Pal, Head, Autonomous Robotics Section.
Pal said the system is remotely controlled from a control room, and the possible routes for the AGV along with nominal speeds and stoppages can be specified in advance.
Bajaj Auto gave the assignment to BARC in 2007. A demonstration was given to the Pune-based company last year and further finer requirements are being worked out.
Bajaj needs at least two such systems, he said, adding, "We are looking for suitable manufacturers of the system in the country."

Pal explained that earlier, in 2005, BARC had successfully developed a robotic system for Ordnance Factory in Jabalpur for remote defusing of explosives.
BARC is also planning to put together customised AMTS for handling nuclear fuels in Nuclear Fuel Complexes (NFCs) remotely.
At an upcoming NFC complex in Rajasthan, it would be incorporated.
This would also be useful for handling radioactive sources at the Board of Radioactive and Isotope Technology (BRIT) at Vashi, Pal added.