'Barefoot to Goa'
U; Family drama
DIRECTOR: Praveen Morchhale
CAST: Kuldeep Singh, Sonu Chourasia, Farukh Jaffer

While one lauds director Praveen Morchchale’s attempt at dealing with a subject that not many would take up, given the lack of ‘entertainment’ value, nothing else seems worth writing about.

The film talks about a young boy and his sister, who travel all the way from Mumbai to Goa when they come to know that their grandma is ailing and is in dire need of care.

Even though one gets that a minimal budget doesn’t allow the director too much luxury, the unfortunate thing is that no thought seems to have gone in either during the scripting or the filming stages.

Shaky camera, absolutely amateur style of storytelling, and an under confident script makes this a bit of a mess and a painfully boring film.

The child actors are pretty good, given the circumstances, but the same cannot be said of the couple that plays their parents. Farrukh Zafar, who plays the grandma, is the only believable factor in the film.

Quite a disappointment.


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