The strong opposition to Baba Ramdev, soon after he sat on Satyagrah against corruption, comes as no major surprise. In a democracy each individual has the right to express views but it is not mandatory that everyone has a similar opinion on an issue, but under freedom of expression the efforts to corroborate irrational points as arguments hold no meaning. It is strange that not only baseless allegations are being levelled at Baba Ramdev, but he is also being placed in the dock on the ground that he is a saint. Do the saints not have the permission to speak or make public aware of the issues which have been bothering the country? Is it justified to reject Baba Ramdev on the charge that his protest is being backed by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and Bharatiya Janata Party? Is it a crime that RSS or any other similar organization is supporting Ramdev’s movement against black money? Will all the protest-campaign being backed by the RSS or saffron brigade be treated with suspicion? Is RSS an anti-national or banned outfit? It is interesting to know that those who have termed Sangh as communal, in an effort to check communal violence have come up with a draft on a bill which itself aims to nurture communalism. Those who are opposing Baba Ramdev’s campaign against corruption and black money on the charges that the movement is being supported by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, are doing so under a planned strategy of canard campaign. This campaign is aimed to tarnish the image of Ramdev and to divert the people’s attention.

If Baba Ramdev wants that the sources of black money are curbed and black money stashed in foreign banks is brought back, then what is wrong in it? The government is showing desperation now, but what was it doing so far because Baba Ramdev has been protesting against the issue of black money for the past seven-eight months. Failing to check the sources of black money, Union Government has been sitting idle on the issue of prevention of corruption. That too, at a time when the issue of corruption has hogged the limelight for past 1.5 - 2 years. The nation very well witnessed how the Commonwealth Games scam were permitted to happen and then the way efforts were made to conceal facts in the 2G scam. Despite facing the wrath from all sides, the Government failed to wake up, owing to which first Anna Hazare and thereafter Baba Ramdev sat on protest. In this context it cannot be overlooked that alike Baba Ramdev, efforts were initially made to tarnish the image of Anna Hazare. It would be better that those trying to malign Baba Ramdev, figure out why apolitical people are striving to remind the government of its responsibilities?