Here are some of the common myths, reports

1. Myth: Italians are solely responsible for creating pizza.

Truth: The tomato saucy, cheesy pizza pies as we know them today do have their roots in Naples, but the ancient Greeks are credited with making pizza-like dishes before that.

2. Myth: You can always count on pizza to be relatively cheap.

Truth: There's actually one pizza that costs USD 1,000 in New York City and it includes caviar and lobster.

3. Myth: Most pizzas are ordered with plain cheese.

Truth: According to a data compiled by food delivery service Foodler in 2013, more people order pizza with toppings than just cheese.

4. Myth: Pepperoni is one of Italy's greatest contributions to pizza.

Truth: Pepperoni is an Italian-American creation. In Italian, the word 'peperoni' actually means 'large peppers' (as in bell peppers).

5. Myth: Pizza should only be reheated in the microwave or oven.

Truth: They are great options, but so is the grill.

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