Unwanted, reckless, and a sledgehammer like approach; which is a complete contrast to Schweini’s temperament.

But nonetheless, his presence in German defensive midfield will be definitely missed. Not just by Manchester United fans but by everyone who adored his commitment on the football ground.

Bastian had a consistent lukewarm performance throughout his last international tournament whereas in 2014’s Brazil World Cup he not only led two defending midfielders like Lahm and Boateng, but also created several opportunities, hence acting as a playmaker, a role he is lesser appreciated for.

His perpetual decline in fitness acted as a catalyst in letting Guardiola letting him from the Allianz Arena. A club where he started his career in 2001 as a youth team member and then subsequently joining Bayern Munich the next year, which lasted for one and half decade.

It is being heavily speculated that he might be one of the biggest casualties in Mourinho’s wholesale clearance sale at Old Trafford, where his role is compromised by almost-done Pogba deal and resurgence of a confident French Schneiderlin who has reflected a lot of promise and ability.

It seems he might be heading towards MLS or Bundesliga. . .

By: Vinayak Sharma