'Snow bite' or 'Sun bite' targets nose, fingers and ear lobes like a witch attacks with her claws and paws. The CGI sheets are used for toilet and taking too much time may raise the risk of frost bite. The stoves with kerosene oil instead of heaters are used to keep body warm. If any body part exposes to oil then risk of oil burn increases. Avalanche may turn into grave anytime.

Weather oddities:
Retired Lieutenant General SC Hasnen has served as GOC at world's highest battlefield Siachen. He apprises about the Siachen's odd weather.

Bunkers of ice bags
Indian Army is deployed from Saltoro ridge to Siachen. All soldiers, officers face same kind of difficulties there. Bunkers are made up of ice bags. Forget about reading newspaper while sitting on the toilet seat because there is a neither toilet nor newspaper.

Regular routine:
Trekking from lower areas to higher altitudes with kerosine cans on lower back is one of the day-to-day activities. At 2 am in the night, soldiers after getting a sleep of mere two hours move from a hut of minus 15 degree C to a field having minus 50 degree Centigrade temperature.

Situation of hallucinations:

Severe cold, icy storm create an atmosphere of hallucinations. Soldiers sometimes hallucinate that enemy is coming from the other side. Ceasefire does not matter in the region. In any case, if enemy takes control of any outpost then snatching it may cost many lives. Therefore, no chance can be given to wily enemies.

Keep health intact:
The most important thing is to keep himself healthy. Therefore, bathing is restricted in these regions due to medical reasons. There is an immense provision for food items for soldiers. Branded chocolate, soup, dry fruits are available abundantly but hunger and sleep are always at bay.

Unavailability of dentists

If the soldier has toothache, dentist will not be available there. Doctors thoroughly check soldiers' teeth before deployment at Siachen. Generally, doctors don't cure the pain they extract the teeth out.

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