Bangalore: Bangalore Police has arrested the father of a severely injured baby girl who was admitted to hospital. Baby Afreen who was allegedly tortured by her father has been struggling for her life in a city hospital in Bangalore. The father, who has been arrested, battered his daughter as he wanted a son.

A month after Baby Falak succumbed to her injuries at AIIMS hospital in New Delhi another case of battered baby has been reported from Bangalore.
Baby Afreen was admitted to the intensive care unit of Vani Vilas Hospital on Sunday after vomiting blood and having breathing problems and would be kept under observation for 48 hours, hospital sources informed. She had cigarette burns on her forehead, severe injuries on her posterior body and neck and was suffering from hemorrhage.

The baby's 19-year-old mother Reshma had filed a police complaint on Sunday, charging her husband Omar Farooq with beating the child and even biting it in her absence. The man has been arrested.

The woman alleged that her husband, a car painter whom she married in 2010, did not want a girl child and that once she gave birth to Afrin, was continually harassing her to bring in Rs one lakh as dowry and threatened to end their lives otherwise, police said.

She said she noticed her child vomiting blood on April 7 morning and immediately took her to Bowring Hospital, where she was treated for a day and referred to Vani Vilas Hospital, where she is now being treated.