New Delhi: Struggling for life in AIIMS Trauma Centre, battered baby Falak is still in critical condition. On Sunday the two-year-old baby was put on ventilator. According to doctors, there are no signs of improvement and there are frequent fluctuations in Falak’s health condition.

“Putting her on and off the ventilaor will continue till she shows signs of significant improvement," neurosurgeon Deepak Agarwal, who has been attending on her, said.

Dr Agarwal said, "Infection in her brain still continues to exist. Surgeries can be conducted only after brain infection subsides. She has undergone two surgeries in the brain in the past."

"She cannot breathe on her own. She has been critical for over three weeks but stable and needs ventilatory support. This is not a good sign. She should not get used to it and that is why when not needed and she can breathe on her own, we put her off the ventilator. Even if it is for a few hours,” informed Agarwal.

Baby Falak was brought to the hospital on January 18 with severe head injury, both her arms broken, bite marks all over her body and her cheeks branded with hot iron.

She underwent a life saving surgery of the brain immediately after her admission here. Later on, this was followed by two more surgeries. Doctors even conducted a tracheostomy on her.