People are flabbergasted in the wake of hike in the prices of diesel, cooking gas and kerosene oil. It is now for sure that the price rise of petroleum products will create more problems to aam adami.It is not possible that the policy makers have no inkling about the sufferings of people owing to the soaring of prices, nonetheless the government is not taking any concrete step to contain the skyrocketing prices.The government has given brethren to oil companies, which have actually reservation for running in losses, by raising prices of diesel, cooking gas and kerosene oil.  Now, there is no taker of this logic that the government has compulsion of hiking prices of petroleum products to lessen the loss of oil companies, as common people know it well that the government has willingly piled up tax burdens on oil companies. If the price of crude oil in the international market is not going down, why then the government has levied different taxes on petroleum products. Is there any rationale behind it when both the Centre and state governments slam tax on imported items? If the government, equipped with expertise on economic policies, does not understand a simple formula that surging prices cannot be overcome by collecting taxes through petroleum products, it means that the government is willingly messing up the matter.

Despite knowing the situation of crude oil in the international market, the Central government is shying away from taking any action. The government knows it well that the subsidy on petroleum products does not serve well, however it continues to provide succour owing to political compulsion. Though there is a huge subsidy on kerosene oil but the poor people do get benefit from it. Like kerosene, diesel also gets subsidized to give benefit to the poor. But the beneficiaries are the people who are already rich and wield clout in society as the government aidsolely meant to the poor is diverted to the dominant people due to various loopholes in the system. It is irony that the subsidy is misused on large scale but the government is yet to take concrete measure in this regard. If the government does not take proper step regarding the taxes on petroleum products and providing subsidy on them, there will be a huge repercussion. It is disappointing that the government is not paying heed to reducing the consumption of petroleum products and increasing the production of oil on domestic level. It is obvious that the exploration work of oil and gas is not being done properly and the government is acting like silent spectator.