Bangkok, Jan 11 (Agencies) : Battle between Myanmar Government soldiers and ethnic Karen forces have continued along the Thai-Myanmar border near Mae Sot District of Thailand's north western Tak Province.


The fight between the Myanmar government troops and the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA) forces began on Monday night as the DKBA forces were laying siege to and firing shells at a base of the Myanmar government soldiers near Koh Manao area in

Mae Sot; while the Myanmar soldiers heavily fired at the DKBA forces for self-defence and could block the DKBA from advancing.

As 11 shells have hit the Thai side, the Thai head of the Thai-Myanmar Border Committee (TBC) in Mae Sot has sent a  letter to the TBC office in Myanmar's Myawaddy Province, urging the Myanmar soldiers to carefully aim their targets and not fire into Thailand.


Innocent Thai villagers living near the border have asked Thai troops to dispose unexploded shells in their corn and bean plantations in Koh Manao for fear of possible dangers from the shells.