While speaking to a leading daily, Sen attacked Modi who many Indians see as their future Prime Minister. However, Jagdish Bhagwati came out in strong defence of the Gujarat Chief Minister.

Sen reiterated the fact that Modi-led government would be terrible for minorities while Bhagwati said that it stands for clean government.

Bhagwati in an e-mail interview to a leading daily said that Modi’s life is dedicated to public service. His solid track record in providing quality governance in Gujarat, his clear thinking on economy and polity makes Narendra Modi the most exciting leader in India now.

Sen on the other side told the daily that the issue of secularism cannot be ignored in this election and that while Modi might have been cleared by one judge, many charges still remain.

“If minorities are scared of him assuming office, there are reasons behind it, though many well-placed Muslims don't think so. In fact, some of them have joined him," the daily quoted Sen as saying.

There have been innumerable debates and discussions over the implications of Modi-led government where the intellectual battles have been almost as bitter as the political ones.


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