New Delhi: The Umpires' sub-committee of the BCCI which is scheduled to meet in Mumbai on Saturday to discuss the names of the Indian umpires for ICC International Panel will also discuss a proposal submitted by top Australian umpire Simon Taufel regarding the ways to improve the standard of umpiring in the country.

"Taufel has by far been the best international umpire for the past 10 years. He has also delivered lectures at BCCI workshop for umpires and was well received. He has given some
valuable suggestions on the process of improving the standard of umpiring. The pros and cons of the proposal is likely to be discussed at the Umpires' Committee meeting on Saturday," a source informed.

The committee that will analyse the proposal consists of former India captain and international umpire S Venkataragahavan, former international umpires AV Jayprakash and SK Bansal.

There has been nothing to write home about the Indian umpires after Venkataraghavan's retirement.

None of the Indian umpires have been able to make it to the ICC's Elite Panel which has a new entrant in Sri Lankan Kumar Dharmasena. The three Indians Amiesh Saheba, Shahvir
Tarapore and Sanjay Hazare are in the ICC International Panel.

Interestingly, as Umpires' Committee zeroes in on the names for the next season, Saheba's performance will certainly be under scanner. The performance of 51-year-old Saheba who
has officiated in three Tests apart from 51 ODIs and four T20 Internationals hasn't exactly been impressive.

"His performance has been pretty poor. But then there is dearth of quality umpires in our country. That's why Saheba may just get away despite a not-so-good show," a source informed.