Supermodel Kate Moss, who was recently spotted in a fur stole over a black scarf and grey overcoat for a night out, looked attractive for sure.

“Stole is the perfect accessory to mix with dresses and evening wear. One can opt for stoles in deep shades such as burgundy, teal, and cobalt blue. Various types of prints like animal, also add a bit of drama to the classic look. One can go for an assortment of fabrics such as silk, knitted and satin,” Monica Shah, co-founder of JADE label, said.

Karishma Swali, co-founder of the label, suggests tying it in a different way.

“Instead of looping it around your neck, angle it towards one side and tie it. You can also layer a simple stole with a statement necklace and a classic little black dress to turn heads wherever you go,” she said.


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