Perfiniti is a service which offers a scientific solution for couples to understand their natural behaviour style. Perfiniti’s Behaviour Analysis is based on a tool from Finland. Participating couples need to complete an online questionnaire.

This produces a confidential 32-page Behaviour Compatibility Report, which measures and compares the couple’s natural behaviour styles for 100 key-behaviour competencies across nine categories like communication, listening skills, teamwork, problem solving, and signs of stress, among other things.

“Understanding the behavioural differences is the key to making love last a lifetime”, Gaurav Sareen, founder and chief consultant, Perfiniti, said in a statement.

“Considering that matrimony is perhaps one of the most important decisions a person can make to live a fulfilled and happy life, it is surprising how little information and insight people have into their prospective partners’ behaviour while taking this enormous decisions.

"Perfiniti now provides couples a scientific and proven way to assess behaviours and match for compatibility,” he added.


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