Noida: Nurturing his grandfather's dream in his eyes, he laboured hard for years and at last his endeavour blossomed into success when he secured 5th position in the Civil Services examination this year. Pulkit Khare not only fulfilled the dream of his grandfather but also made his parents proud of him. And now he is ready and determined to serve the society with grit and dedication. In an exclusive interview with Nuzhat Nasreen of Pulkit shares his experience as an IAS topper and how he wove the success story.

 “Nanaji ka sapna tha (it was my grandfather’s dream)” is how Pulkit starts his conversation. An engineer by profession this was Pulkit’s third attempt. In the earlier two attempts he could notch a seat in Indian Revenue Services and Indian Police Services respectively. But that was not where his heart was or rather his ambition was and therefore he attempted the Civil Services for the third time and to his own amazement he not only cracked the examination but made it to the list of top five.

 “I was numb,” is how Pulkit describes his first reaction on hearing the result. “After writing the examination I was confident that my name would figure out in the final list but did not anticipate such a grand success. In the Civil Services you cannot predict your position because you compete with a huge number of candidates from diverse fields,” said Pulkit.

Further describing his excitement he said, “I just could not believe it had happened. All my friends congratulated me but I thought something was wrong. They had to make me see my name and number in the final list on internet. Only then did it start sinking it gradually that yes, I have made it.”

Pulkit’s mother, Dr Pushpa Khare who is presently posted as Joint Commissioner of Commercial Tax Department was overjoyed at the news of her son’s result. “My parents were extremely happy. They have seen me burn midnight oil for this. I wanted to do it for them. They had so much faith in me that I would make it and I just could not give up on their dreams. My mother used to tell me that my grandfather always wanted me to become an IAS. This inspired me all the more,” said an emotional Pulkit.

An electrical engineer by profession Pulkit’s family is based in Noida presently. His father, Dinesh Khare is DGM in Engineers’ India Ltd. On asking if he has always been a topper and an achiever, Pulkit said, “I did my schooling from Delhi Public School, R K Puram and then completed my engineering from Delhi College of Engineering. Though it may sound clichéd but yes, I was a topper all throughout. I am also a sportsperson and I did well in that field too.”

Elaborating more on his love for sports and hobbies Pulkit said, “I play tennis and I love water sports. I also love to swim. Traveling is another hobby of mine.”

Speaking on his study routine he said, “I believe in quality rather than quantity study. Though sub-consciously I had started my preparation from childhood by reading newspapers and keeping myself updated on all current topics, my conscious and dedicated approach started only after I completed my engineering course. I took up a job in a private company but soon left it to pursue my dream. I took coaching from two institutes. During my first attempt I could devote more time. Then I got in IRS and my training started so I could give only 2-3 hours a day. In my second attempt, I qualified for IPS and went for training. So I was left with very less time for my studies. But whatever time I gave it was 100 percent.”

Advising young IAS aspirants, Pulkit stresses on the need to pay more emphasis on revision and take out extra time to revise topics studied. “Take out 2-3 hours every week to revise all the topics you have studied in the past 7 days. This really helps a lot. Revision is one of the most important things which many fail to follow regularly. Magazines such as Wizard and Yojana will also help to keep you updated. Besides all this, I consider newspapers as the best source of knowledge. Develop the habit of keeping key cuttings of important news items. My subjects were geography and pubic administration for the final.”

A true believer in Mahatma Gandhi’s adage ‘be the change you wish to see in the world’ Pulkit is all set to don his dream job but is also prepared to face the odds. “Now it is an academic achievement. But very soon once I join office I will enter in the real world where my real test of conviction and values will take place. I believe that my work should speak for myself. I will try to encounter and overcome all obstacles with patience. Being a public servant I will be very much accessible to people instead of sitting in a comfy air-conditioned office.”

Pulkit considers E Sreedharan as his ideal and he wants to be able to deliver like him despite all odds. His parents’ inspirational quote ‘Stand up for what you believe even if that means you have to stand up alone’ has stirred Pulkit to qualify for the Civil Services and he hopes that this will keep him going for the rest of life.