The intruder made himself at home, sneakily diving into the pies without being caught by the surveillance camera, which was pointed in the other direction. The bear scarfed down 24 cherry pies, 14 apple pies, sugar and cocoa before taking off, leaving behind a huge mess and a trail of sugar and cherries, local KUSA-TV station reported.

The bear, who broke into the bakery on Tuesday, for some strange reason stayed on the side of the room with all of the pies. The bear did not realise the freezer nearby had more food. The animal clearly preferred warm pies over frozen ones. "Cherry and apple was his favourite. He passed over the strawberry rhubarb," Kristi Lehnert, owner of the bakery, was quoted as saying by a TV station.

"Maybe he wasn't feeling like a tart pie, I guess," Kristi's daughter Mikaela said. "He just made his way right in. hopped on top of the ovens and hopped down and had a feast," she added. The bear left its mark outside the basement door where the pies are baked.

"These are paw prints. I'm assuming he probably stood up and took a look and noticed he couldn't get in through the steel door," Mikaela stated.
"Just devoured pies, sugar, cocoa and left a mess behind," she said.

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