But worry not; we have some ideal solutions which can help you to beat the heat this summer so that you can enjoy every bit of it.
Drink lots of water: Intake of fluids will help you stay hydrated. Avoid dehydration by consuming a good amount of water and other nourishing liquids like coconut water, lassi, chaach, iced-tea etc. at regular intervals.

Small frequent meals: Go for heavy breakfast and small, frequent meals during the day as you go about your daily schedule without losing energy. During summers it becomes more important as it prevents low blood pressure and dizziness during scorching days.

Consume light food and avoid stuffing: A light diet will be easy and gentle on your system.  You must avoid oily and spicy foods as these take longer time to digest. Also, cut down on alcoholic beverages as alcohol is a diuretic and stimulates dehydration.

Workout: Summer exercising should be different from your general fitness routine. Daily exercise is always good for health. In summers, switch to a lighter regimen. Walks are a good option.

Fruits: Summer is the season to enjoy tasty fruits and vegetables like mango, watermelon, salads, cucumber etc.

Protect your body and skin from the sun

Wear light and loose-fitting clothes and be comfortable. Avoid wearing dark coloured clothes as they absorb more heat.

Before going out apply Sunscreen lotions or talcum powder.

Protect your eyes from the blazing sun by wearing Sunglasses. Also, protect your head from direct sunlight by covering it with caps, hats, and other head gear.

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