Mumbai:  Summer months have finally arrived in all their sweltering glory, it's time to upgrade your fitness regimen. While exercising in the heat is safe for the most part, taking a few extra precautions will help prevent problems associated with excess heat and dehydration.

Fitness expert Vibha Shah explains, "Normally, your body cools off, as sweat evaporates from your skin. But when heat and humidity rise, that sweat can't evaporate as quickly. Thiscombination of hot weather, high body temperature and exercise can prove to be dangerous."


Solution: Drink one cup of water every 15 minutes for an hour before any kind of physical activity. Repeat this immediately after your workout, to give your body the right amount of time to absorb and hydrate. Avoid aerated drinks and fried foods, which leach the body of water.

Heat stroke

Solution: This is the most serious of the lot and a patient will need immediate treatment and care. Once the patient is moved to a cool area, all heat-trapping clothing should be removed and the person must be well hydrated with energy drinks and water. Ice-packs on the head, neck and shoulders will also provide relief.

5 tips to modify your routine

    * Listen to your body:   According to fitness expert Rustom Warden If you notice any symptoms of heat illness stop your workout immediately because it's not a good idea to "push yourself" in extreme heat.

    * Take a dip: Do water exercises. Water keeps the body cool and reduces the intensity of the workout.

   * Exercise earlier:   As sun, humidity and pollution levels are most intense during the day work out in the early morning, before 9 am.

    * Wear 'wicking' fabrics:  Wear loose-fitting polyester/cotton blend instead, or synthetic fibers, especially designed for exercise.

    * Seek shade:  Parks and other tree-lined areas can help you stay cooler than direct sunlight, and enhance your over-all workout.