Washington:   A study has found that most of the women admire beautiful, attractive actresses as their role models in real life.

According to a new research by Laramie Taylor and Tiffany Setters, from the University of California women have high standards for other women, and expect them to be both stereotypically feminine.

Taylor and Setters' work looks at the impact of media representations of film stars on gender role expectations for women or those behaviours and attitudes expected of, or held as standard for, women in general.

In their experiment, 122 male and female college undergraduates, from a large university on the US West Coast, were shown a film clip of a major Hollywood motion picture, featuring a female protagonist who was either stereotypically attractive or not; and physically aggressive or not.

The results showed that students perceived the more attractive film leads as better role models than the less attractive leads.

Students who watched the violent, attractive protagonist endorsed feminine gender role expectations significantly more than those who viewed the violent, less stereotypically attractive lead.

This suggests that both men and women expect women to fulfill both feminine and masculine roles that women generally tend to have higher expectations of women than men, and that watching attractive, aggressive heroines exaggerates these expectations.

"Exposure to attractive, aggressive, female characters actually increases expectations on women, including potentially inconsistent roles - after viewing, women are expected to be both more independent and ambitious and more socially connected and nurturing," Taylor and Setters said.

"These increased expectations for women occur not only among men, ut among women as well, suggesting that women's expectations for themselves are affected," they added.

Courtesy: Mid-day.com