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beauty and brain combination in women

Nobel laureate and famous ‘Black Comedy’ litterateur George Bernard Shaw received a marriage proposal from a beautiful actress. She approached him saying, ‘If we get married then our children will be beautiful like me and intelligent like you.’ To this George responded, ‘What if the opposite happens?’

Actually, during Shaw’s time the research, which we are going to discuss here now, has not conducted. Till date it was believed that beauty and brain cannot coexist, and they are like two different paths. But a recent research has claimed that beautiful people are brainy as well.

According to a study conducted by London School of Economics, good looking women and men are sharp minded and their IQ (Intelligent Quotient) level is 14 points above average. According to this study conducted in Britain, the IQ level of handsome men is 13 points above average and that of beautiful women is 11 points more than the average.

Delhi psychologist Dr Anu Goel says, “Research is based on several points. The results of the research are based on scientific, social and practical points. In real life it is seen that the most qualified people have a common face. The truth is that IQ is nature’s gift. It cannot be created, but it can be sharpened. Qualifications, knowledge, IQ can be developed only through practice.”

The science of beauty

It was found out in a research that beauty of women is enhancing with each passing generation while in the case of men the pace is comparatively slow. According to this research conducted by the University of Helsinki, beautiful women are more fertile. In an earlier research conducted by the London School of Economics, it was found that pretty women are more likely to give birth to a female child.

Men's aesthetic sense

Psychologists believe that men and women differ in their views and thoughts on beauty. For females, security in a relationship is more important than looks. Also she wants a partner who will pay more attention to her during illness, pregnancy or any other low phase in her life whereas men look only for beauty in their female partner.

A survey conducted by the Netherland University also shows that men forget other things and issues while talking to beautiful women but women are not much affected by men’s good looks.

Psychologists in the University tested some students on this issue. They were asked to undergo a memory test. After that they were asked to talk to a lady for seven minutes. Then, seven minutes later they were again asked to repeat the facts taught to them during the test. It was seen that most of the male students performed poorly while the female students fared better.

After a thorough study, the researches came to the conclusion that when a man meets a beautiful woman he gets influenced by her whereas when a woman meets a man she pays attention to other aspects of his personality than his looks.

Beauty can act as a deterrent

It is true that beauty easily becomes the centre of attraction but it is a bitter truth that such girls have to face discrimination in their workplace. According to a research in UK, engineering, construction field, financial sector, security sector, research and development field are the areas which might prove to be a deterrent for beautiful women.

According to Assistant Professor of UC Denver Business School, Stephen Johnson, women face a lot of challenges to carve a niche in male-dominated work fields. He further says, “But this should not upset the girls because there are other fields where they are given priority. In fact, there are a few special sectors which are considered the best for a girl. Generally, it has been seen that in a normal life, beautiful and influential people are able to book key positions for themselves in their work field.”

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