The arrest of Kashmiri terrorists from Jharkhand who were conspiring to carry out explosions in Delhi and Srinagar might be a sort of respite, but it is equally a serious development. These arrests also reveal that Kashmir-based terrorists who are receiving financial support from across the border have made inroads in the other parts of the country. The arrest of the terrorists associated with the dreaded terror outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba from Jharkhand’s naxal-hit areas has obviously made our security agencies vigilant as it cannot be denied that the arrested terrorists might have joined hands with the naxalites. The fears about the link between the terrorists and the naxalites are not new. There have been several incidences occurred in past which exposed the connection between the two. At least it is quite clear that Kashmir based terrorists and the naxalites are sympathetic to each-other. Both the groups have denied to repose their faith in the constitution of India and have also declared it that their grievances can be sorted out only through the violent means. It is also a fact that the naxalites have links with the extremist-outfits active in the North-Eastern parts of the country. It is also believed that the north-eastern outfits have been supplying arms and ammunitions to naxalites for the past some times. The areas of activity and the modus operandi of the naxalites, Kashmir based terrorists and the extremists of north-east might be differing but all of them are posing similar kind of challenges to our internal security apparatus. If the coordination among them gets enhanced, it will further worsen the internal security scenario in the country.

Despite all the claims, the increase in challenges before the security agencies is a serious issue. It is disappointing that the Centre and the state governments failed to arrive at an understanding to work in coordination with each other even after the rise in the activities of different terror outfits who are posing a serious threat to our internal security. No doubt, the coordination between the Central agencies and the state governments’ agencies has increased in the recent time which has culminated into some positive results too, but there are still many things which remain to be done. To plug the loopholes in our security apparatus, both are required to change their policies and attitude. Failing to make the NCTC (National Counter Terrorism Centre) operational from March 1st is ultimately going to help the elements which are a threat to our national security. The anti-national elements can be reined in only when their sources of arms supply are cut. It is hard to comprehend that even after proper coordination between the Centre and the states, as it is being claimed, how the anti-national elements are getting equipped with lethal weapons and ammunitions. It will be right if the Centre and the states agree to keep their differences aside and agree to join hands to devise a mechanism to rein in the elements which are posing threat to the our internal security.