New Delhi: Team Anna member Kiran Bedi on Friday appeared to raise questions over Rajya Sabha Chairman Hamid Ansari's conduct during the debate on Lokpal Bill in the Upper House.
"In everyone's life there come moments where one can rise above. This was one such last night for Chairman Rajya Sabha to create history. Alas!" Bedi tweeted.
Ansari adjourned the Rajya Sabha sine die last night after conclusion of debate on Lokpal bill amid high drama. The opposition alleged that the government was running away from a vote because it was in a minority.
She also attacked the government for its failure to get Lokpal Bill passed by Rajya Sabha and accused it of not doing enough home work to bring other political parties on board to respect the 'Sense of the House' on this issue.
Bedi also sought to tear into the Congress, saying the onus was on it to get the crucial legislation passed in Rajya Sabha as it was the ruling party.

"Onus is on the government in power and the party in power to ensure that the Sense of the House is honoured and respected. They ought to have done a lot of home work after the Sense of the House (in August). I think they let it be," she said.
She alleged that the Congress did not make much effort to bring other political parties on board on this issue.     Bedi also lauded BJP leaders Arun Jaitley and Ram Jethmalani and Congress MP Abhishek Manu Singhvi for their speech in the debate in Rajya Sabha.
"We also saw the worst when the party in power realized that they were losing ground and how they actually let it go," she said.
"We cannot trust this government. By (Thursday) evening it was very clear that government was not ready to face vote. The trust deficit is huge on Friday," she said.
"We could witness enactment of breach of trust 'live'. But it cld (could) be so only at the cost of Anna's health... Embarrassment galore on several counts," she said.