London: A cosmetic company has launched a new skincare line that is clinically proven to halt the damaging effects of the menopause on the face.

Cosmetic maker Rodial's new line called Bee Venom "fools" the skin into believing that it has been lightly stung with the toxin melittin, media reported.

Due to this the body directs blood towards the area and stimulates the production of naturally-occurring chemicals collagen and elastin - protein that helps the skin to remain taut and bounce back into shape after being pressed or pinched.

It is also claimed that the venom also has the effect of relaxing the muscles.

The bee venom is collected by the experts by placing a pane of glass alongside a hive and running a weak electrical current through it, which encourages the insects to sting the surface and as the bee's lance remains in its body, it does not die.

Tiny quantities of the venom are then collected which is so valuable that it costs up to 30,000 pounds for one ounce.

Bee Venom facial moisturiser costs 150 pounds for a 50-millilitre pot, while an eye cream version costs 115 pounds for a 25-millilitre tub.


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