The cow meat is banned by law in the Delhi-National Capital Region. A team of 20 police officials visited the state's guest house yesterday to verify if its canteen was serving beef after a caller identified as Vishnu Gupta - a Hindu Sena leader - complained that beef was being served in the Kerala House canteen.

"The call was received by the police control room around 4.15 pm, and the caller, claiming to be from a fringe right-wing group, told the police that beef was being served at Kerala House," New Delhi Deputy Commissioner of Police Jatin Narwal cited.

Keeping in mind the beef-related untoward incidents that have been taking place across the country over the last few weeks, a police team went Kerala House to verify facts, Narwal said.

The team remained deployed there for several hours. The Kerala House said it served only buffalo meat at its canteen and called it 'beef', but has decided to take the dish off its menu.

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