The decision to remove nine hundred NSG commandos deployed for the security of VVIPs and provide them training to grapple with terror attacks indicate that the security scenario of the country is still a matter of grave concern. Information given by Abu Jundal also signals out the need to be more alert and strengthen our security system. Though the government maintains that removing the National Security Guard (NSG) commandos will not pose any threat to the VVIPs but they can’t claim that internal security is improving. On the contrary internal security is every day being confronted with new challenges. Neighbouring countries especially Pakistan where anti-India elements are given state protection further aggravates security concerns. Jundal’s arrest has not proved to be a deterrent to Pakistan’s audacity in any way what so ever. This was evident when Pakistan claimed that 40 Indians were also involved in the 26/11 terror attacks. It proves that Pakistan is not willing to bring any positive change in its mindset. The revelations made by Abu Jundal about Pakistan’s support to terrorist activities provides more reasons for us to become alert and apply pressure on Pakistan to dismantle terrorist groups active on its soil. In order to improve our relations with Pakistan there is no harm in carrying on the process of bilateral talks. But this does not mean that we should hesitate in raising questions against Pakistan where need be.

Internal security is a big challenge for India and therefore, should be kept away from any political interference. Differences of opinion between the state governments and the Centre over National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) indicate towards petty political gains. State governments have a lackadaisical approach towards internal security. All the states are grappling with dwindling number of police force and lack of modern amenities. Therefore the state governments not only have to show greater responsibility towards the safety and security of the common man but also the national security. Along with this there is a need to review the security given to VVIPs. Security for VVIPs is certainly important keeping in mind the frequent terror attacks but to provide security to those ministers who don’t require it is futile.