Lucknow: The dissent between the Samajwadi Party stalwarts Azam Khan and Rasheed Masood to prove their supremacy amongst the minorities continues to pose problems for the party leadership.

In a blatant verbal attack on his political rival, former national vice-president of SP and Rajya Sabha member Masood said that the party needs to part ways with Khan, if it intends to return to power in Uttar Pradesh. Terming Khan as an obstacle for SP success,  Masood urged party seniors to take action against him at the earliest.

Accusing Khan for tarnishing party image, Masood said, “The party is unwilling to come face-to-face with the bitter reality. Khan has been called back in SP to pacify the anger amongst the Muslims over the Kalyan Singh factor, but rather than helping the cause he is busy in guiding the party on a path of destruction.”

Masood expressed annoyance over the party decision to ignore his recommendations for party candidates in Saharanpur district for UP polls. “By pressurising SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav, Khan has managed to get his close ones named as party candidates on 34 assembly seats, but these very same candidates will prove a thorn in the flesh for the party,” he added.

Sounding a word of caution he said, “If a timely action is not taken against Azam, the party will win from only 8-10 assembly seats out of 110 segments in western UP.”

On the likely Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) alliance with Congress, Masood said that the political situation will change drastically in western UP if both the parties tie up and the SP will have to bear the brunt of the pre poll pact.