Allahabad (JPN/Bureau): It’s raining money for beggars at the ongoing Magh Mela in Allahabad. Believe it or not, but the begging business worth crores of rupees is blooming on the bank of Sangam River here.

Over a thousand beggars from various regions have thronged in the holy place, who are working in an organised manner and in a sense depleting pilgrims’ wallets at the mela.

They have managed to earn around Rs 3 crore during the mela. Beggars from Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Odisha have set up tents at the key points, including Mahavir Marg, Triveni Marg, and Kali Marg, in the city and are divided into different groups.

Every group has a leader and it is pre-planned that who will plead for money at which place and in what numbers.

Going by an estimate a beggar earns Rs 100 per day, thousands of beggars manage to earn over Rs 3 crore a month. A penny earned by begging is used commercially.

One of the beggars from Bihar does not beg but charges commission at the mela.

Foreign tourists are a major source of their earnings. Wherever adult beggars fail to get money, they put children forward.

No security check

In spite of beggars rushing the place in large numbers, the authority concerned has not verified their identification.

Nagendra Singh, in-charge of Magh Mela, said that there is no provision of keeping tab on beggars. However,  police can interrogate the suspected.