According to a research, Many bird couples in US, South Africa, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Eastern Australia, Malaku islands and India face the pain of separation and family degeneration due to different reasons.

The human and birds have many common similarities. Birds divorce each other if one of them gets more beautiful partner. They also call off their marriage in case of intense tiff between the couple.

The foreign countries have more number of such birds in comparison to India. American Mockingbird, Bird of Paradise and African Hornbill, Sarus and Horbill are amongst them. Some polygamous birds are engaged with more than one partner like sparrows.

When a female bird turns to another male partner
In America and France, the American Mockingbird fights once the male partner gets to know that his spouse has turned to another companion, leading to an end to the relationship.

Female Baya chooses another male partner
Research says the weaverbird, Baya, which is found in different provinces of Indian subcontinent, during their reproductive stage deserts her old partner and chooses the male attractive Baya bird who has built the most beautiful nest.

Hornbill: The carrier of human emotions

Their relationship is also associated with human emotions. During the birth time for two and a half months, female Hornbill doesn't come out of her nest. Male Hornbill goes out to bring the food for his partner and for the baby Hornbill in every 30 minutes. They choose to lead solitary life in case of death of their partner. Same is the case with white feathered sarus crane who separates from each other if any partner dies in an accidental mishap. The similar behaviour is found in the crows as well.

Sparrows prefer having multiple affairs
Male and female sparrows have multiple relationships, whereas kharmor bird commonly found in Gujarat prefers beautiful partner who boasts of huge attention from other female partners.

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