However, technology has not only created opportunities in secondary and tertiary sectors, but also made the primary sector of the economy a profitable venture. Now, a lot of people started to adopt farming as a full time job and earn more than a corporate honcho's fat yearly income.

Meet some of the Millionaire farmers across the world:

Liu Yonghao- Chicken Farmer

59-year old Liu is the vice chairman of China Minsheng Bank. He holds the title of the richest chicken farmer in the world. They sold their bicycles and watches and managed to save up USD120 as the start up capital for their business. They invested that money in breeding quails and chicken to sell to other farmers in their home town, and by extension, they also formed an animal feed business.

Howard Buffett- Corn Farmer

Howard grew up in the mid west. This place is commonly known as the world’s bread basket because of the rampant farming activities that are carried out in this place. Howard Buffett is the millionaire Warren Buffett’s son and ventured passionately into farming. He has farms in Arizona and Illinois and even has a farming foundation. He is now 58 and continues to farm majoring on food crops such as corn and using his foundation to feed people as far as in South Africa.

Colin and Dale Armer- Dairy Farmers

They are among the wealthiest people in New Zealand as well as the richest farmers in the world- they owe all the wealth and success to dairy farming. During an interview once, Mr. Armer told that his wife was part of the key reason why they succeeded for she invested a great deal their dairy farm business known as dairy holdings which is New Zealand’s largest dairy farming conglomerate and is worth the whooping sum of USD 535 million.

Chet Edinger- Wheat Farmer

Chet grew up in the farming environment but at first went ahead to be a banker but came back to his true calling being a farmer after about seven years. Now, he farms with his father and brother and has been doing so for 18 years!

Chris Isbell- Rice Farmer

Owner of a rice farm in Lonoke County Chris began growing and selling koshihikari (a variety of rice). It is renowned premium rice that many once believed could only be grown in Japan. He now grows that most prized type of rice and supplies it

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