The wave of cataclysmic destruction triggered by 6.8 scale earthquake has unleashed mayhem in Sikkim and northeast India, claiming many innocent lives and leaving scores of people in the lurch. This killing trembler has once again underlined the reality that human being has still to learn a lot about intriguing and mysterious things of the universe. The ministers and mandarins should wake up to gravity of the situation and they should not leave any stone unturned to take all precautions and they must rise to make an agile system to face any calamity. There is a need to think over minimasing the trails of destruction when calamity strikes. Undoubtedly, the quake is synonymous with death and destruction, but the fact is the cause of casualty is because of not the tremor rather the falling of dilapidated and ramshackle buildings and high-rises. The cataclysmic impact of the earthquake can be gauged to learn the crumbling of Japan where the tremors brought the life to a screeching halt. India too has witnessed the devastation having been caused by the quake many times. After severe trembler in Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, Gujarat and tsunami shattered hundreds of thousands lives in Tamilnadu, the government set up disaster management entity. But it is difficult to say if quake-resistant technique is applied in erecting the buildings.

It is disappointing that buildings have been erected in unplanned and haphazard fashion in many cities which fall in danger zone of the earthquake. Albeit Delhi and its adjoining areas come under danger zone of the earthquake, high-rises and buildings are being constructed on large-scale, which flout many rules of architecture. If Delhi, national capital, is witnessing such pathetic situation, what about other cities, one can imagine. An efficient standard has been fixed for the construction of commercial and residential buildings as well as flyovers, but they are not followed exactly. It will not suffice to pin the blame on the concerned department for all these misdoings, rather there is a need of a comprehensive and concrete system which will keep close monitoring on the happenings. In a situation when common man himself violets the rule and bribes the authority, then simply accusing the government department will not serve the purpose. If multi-storey building is built by violating architectural rules, common people are equally responsible for it. India is such a big country that everything should not be fixed on the government. Undoubtedly, both the government and people should know their duties and take all possible precautions to avoid major casualties in the event of the earthquake.