New Delhi: Denying any wrongdoing in the Tatra truck deal, BEML CMD VRS Natarajan on Friday alleged that retired Army chief General VK Singh's remarks against him were damaging and defamatory.

While addressing a press conference on Friday said that no letter has been received neither by him nor by his company which could perhaps indicate to the fact that the Tatra trucks are of sub-standard.

Natarajan has issued a defamatory notice against Singh. Natarajan said that the statements made by Retd General Singh are demeaning of his stature. "I am puzzled about General VK Singh's charges against Tatra trucks.

It is demeaning of his stature. We have issued defamatory notice today, may file a suit against him if he does not apologise. I need to protect the honour and prestige of this company,” Natarajan said.

As per reports, BEML incurred a loss of Rs 13.99 crore for the fourth quarter of the 2011-12.

JPN/ Agencies

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