Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has decided to follow Tamil Nadu model to return the acquired land to the farmers who are unwilling to sell it.

To bring about an amendment in the Land Acquisition Act which was formulated in the British era, the state government is mulling on introducing a new land bill in the budget session. Since the Land Acquisition Act was implemented in 1894, the state government can make amendments in some sections of the law.

Tamil Nadu has returned the land acquired for industrialization to the farmers by making the required amendments in the Land Acquisition Act.

The new bill will include three sub-sections on how much of an acquired land be returned to farmers, have a provision to give a nearby plot to farmers if the acquired land cannot be vacated and give authority to state government to make alternative arrangements.

After the bill is passed from the assembly, it would be forwarded to the President for approval. After getting the nod from President, the state government can return the land to farmers.

WB government considering to bring about the required amendments in the archaic Land Acquisition Act (1894) to pave the way for returning about 400 acres acquired land in Singur to unwilling farmers.