In 2006, the National Forest Commission had recommended that each state should have its own forest policy for sustainable management of forest and wildlife resources.

"(Forest) Directorate stated (November 2013) that they were acting on a vision document prepared for next three years based on the objectives of the National Forest Policy and action would be taken up to frame state forest policy," the CAG report said.

When contacted, state Forest Minister Binay Krishna Barman said that they recently had a meeting with Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and the policies would be made public soon.

In June 2011, the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests had issued guidelines emphasising that every state should formulate its eco-tourism strategy by 31 December, 2011 to enhance wildlife protection and conservation while providing nature-compatible livelihoods for those living around the ecosystem.

"Audit observed that department did not frame (January 2014) state level eco-tourism strategy to achieve this goal. As a result, conservation of environment and improvement of the local people through tourism remained unachieved.

Directorate stated that the state eco-tourism strategy was under preparation," the CAG said.


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