New Delhi: Picked specially for ‘Durgapooja’ by Bengali women, tant sarees are Bengali women’s first choice for any special occasion. But any modern woman hailing from any part of the country likes to don Bengali tant sarees as much as a Bengali women. These traditional sarees make you look distinguished even in crowd.

Bengali cotton sarees are commonly called tant sarees. These sarees are renowned for its transparency and weightlessness. Tant sarees come in various patterns and textures and are young girls’ first choice for a formal event.

Tant sarees are manifestation of Bengal’s rich handicraft. The specialty of these sarees is its beautifully embroidered loose ends. The body is slightly embroidered. It takes 2 to 3 weeks for these sarees to get ready. These sarees are made in Santipur, Phuliya and Ranaghat parts of West Bengal.


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