Police said they were also probing Gokul's relationship with his friend's wife.
37-year old Gokul had shifted from New Delhi to Bengalauru in pursuit of his goal of marrying his friend's wife after locating them through social media, police said. He had even written letters to the couple under the name of archbishop suggesting that they go for divorce, police said.
Gokul, who also allegedly confessed he had murdered his wife in July and made it appear like an accidental death, settled for the hoax call route after his earlier efforts to drive a wedge between his friend and his wife fell flat.
"The investigation is open ... we are looking into all aspects of the case. We are also not ruling out relationship between Gokul's friend's wife and him," Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Chandra Shekhar said.
Police were probing how Gokul could gain access to identity papers of his friend to obtain a SIM card and use it to send threat messages to Kempegowda International Airport and Delhi international airport in a bid to land him in trouble, he said. They were also inquiring into whether an insider in the friend's house could have helped Gokul get access to the ID papers.
Gokul and his friend's wife were classmate till 2007. He wanted to marry her but it did not materialise, police said.


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