As selfies have a wide range and can be of different types with more editing features, app developers have come out with some great selfie apps that will do wonders with your selfies by giving it perfect correction.


Retrica is a great app for all selfie lovers as this allows you to choose from more than 100 filters, along with features like collage maker, timer and photo editor that makes this app an all rounder.

Cam Me

CamMe is the most popular selfie taking app which brings a lot of features to make your selfie a perfect one. The most amazing features of this app are funshot which enhances the picture and photobooth which allows you to take several pictures sequentially.

Selfie Studio

The Selfie Studio app is fully dedicated to all selfie lover as this app uses the front camera of your device. The app allows you to brighten up your face with colours you can choose and with other features like silent shoot, auto reverse, volume key shutter.

Candy Camera

Candy Camera is for the people who like to click anything and everything. This app allows you to click pictures with different effects and also allows you to edit them later. You can also make instant collages of all your selfies while clicking them. The app has a lot of amazing filters which are categorized separately for selfies.

Front Back

One of the most innovative app, Front Back uses your front and back camera simultaneously to create a single picture. With this app you can take a selfie as well as your friend's picture at the same time. Apart from its editing tools, this app gives you a perfect selfie with a perfect picture.


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