So, here are some premium excuses for you which you can tell your boss when you would like to take a day off just to break the monotony of work.


This is the most common excuse that we have been making since school days and it is the most acceptable one also. Just call your boss and tell him/her that you have fever or food poisoning after which you are free to enjoy your day.

Death of virtual relatives

Virtual relatives come as rescue for working people. Any day you can take off from office with this excuse.

Child's heath issues

If you have children, then this one is the best excuse for you. As a caring parent, this is your responsibility to look after your children and for that you can take an off any day you want to.


You can have injury or pain anytime. So, if you want to take an off, you can apply this excuse also. Just call you boss and tell that you slipped in the bathroom or just got sprain, it will definitely work.


Cousin's wedding are one of the best options if you want to take one day or one week off. Just tell your boss that your cousin is getting married and you have to go there!

Paid leaves

This is the safest way to avail your one day leave as you have earned it. You can also manage a leave by doing extra hours in the office or by working on holidays.

After reading all these excuses, are you ready to tell your boss “Excuse Me” boss?

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