Los Angeles: Prince Harry has reportedly converted three rooms at the Buckingham Palace into a nightclub for VIP guests to party through the wedding night.

The 26-year-old, who is calling his part of the Royal wedding planning 'wedmin', is said to be heavily involved with arrangements and wants to give his brother Prince William and his bride, a party to remember.

Three of the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace has been converted into a nightclub and Harry, who is the best man, has organised for the DJ to play into the early hours. Caterers have been briefed to prepare bacon sandwiches and fry-ups for those guests still standing at the end of the night, reported a magazine.

The bride and groom may not manage to stay up for the party as they are leaving for their honeymoon on Saturday. But Harry, known for his partying stamina at nightclubs, hopes many of their friends will be dancing until dawn.

The younger Prince has also played a significant role in planning celebration, which is being hosted by his father Prince Charles.

Just 300 guests have been invited to the exclusive party, which includes a drinks reception from 7pm followed by a dinner and speeches and then dancing.