Here are the best yoga postures which will help you  tackle daily health poblems:

1. Dhanurasana (Bow pose): This posture strengthens back and abdominal muscles. It also tones the leg and arm muscles and provides flexibility to the back.

2. Bhekasana: This can actually cure flat feet problem if practised for long time. It can efficiently relive your heel pain and helps you give a good posture.

3. Nauka Chalan (Boat pose): It strengthens the back and abdominal muscles, tones up leg and arm muscles and helps people with hernia.

4. Shalbasana (Locust pose or Grasshopper pose): People with acute neck, shoulder and back pain must practise Shalabasna to get rid of pain and also strengthen your posture.

5. Pavanmuktasana (Wind-releasing Pose): It is one of the easiest but most effective way to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles. This posture massages the intestines and other organs in the abdomen and helps in digestion and release of gas.

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