New Delhi, (Agencies): Virtually justifying preventive detention order under the Goonda Act against seven persons accused of marketing expired pharmaceutical products, the Supreme Court today said public health was more paramount than hyper-technical arguments.

"We are concerned with public interest and what is good for the public. If you have to remain behind bars, let it be. You are a gang selling expired goods. It is dangerous and endangers public health

"Public health is more important. We are not concerned with your hyper technical arguments. You can't say that let 10,000 people die but the accused cannot be detained due to technical flaws in the investigation," the apex court said.

A bench of justices Markandeya Katju and Gyan Sudha Mishra in an order, however, asked the petitioner Rekha, wife of one of the detenue, to file additional documents to prove that the order was not served on the accused before detaining them as mandated by law.

It also asked the petitioner to file a written submission as to whether the preventive detention order was issued when a bail application was pending before the court concerned.

The apex court made the remarks while dealing with the appeal filed by Rekha challenging their preventive detention under the Tamil Nadu Anti-Goonda Act.