London: It would be far better if you thought twice before advising a modern-day mother about her child's habits, as a study has found one in three mothers in Britain fell out with someone over how to raise their child.

Potty training is the most frequent cause of rows with ladies with behaviour, growth and a child's eating and sleeping habits being other touchy subjects, a daily reported.

According to a study, almost a quarter of mothers have argued with someone to the extent that they are no longer talking.

Key remarks that can trigger a row include "Aren't they tall (or short)?" and "When my children were that age, they were already walking or talking".

According to psychologists, it can be difficult for parents to hear comments about their child's development. Not only does it raise concerns that there might be something wrong, it could also imply that the mother wasn't doing a good enough job.

Emma Kenny, spokesman for Pull-Ups, the potty training experts who commissioned the study, said: "It's important to remember that all youngsters develop at different speeds."

"For example, when it comes to potty training, some children can be dry during the day at the age of two when others can be closer to four."

As well as highlighting fall-outs, the study of 2,000 mothers also revealed that mothers-in-law were the most common culprits for dishing out unwanted advice.


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