New Delhi: Supporters thronging the cyberspace in support of Anna Hazare’s crusade against corruption, beware! The files with tags like ‘Anna’, ‘Jan Lokpal Bill’ or ‘Corruption’ can corrupt your computer.

As per the cyber crime experts, few hackers are playing spoilsport in the mass movement against graft and are sending virus affected files having tags like ‘Anna’ and ‘Lokpal’ into the cyberspace.

It is noteworthy that Anna Hazare is getting overwhelming support on the internet. The hits on the India Against Corruption website has increased by 250 percent. Also, the Jan Lokpal Bill is the most searched word on the internet.

Even the social networking sites are full of updates on Anna Hazare.

Dealing with the notorious hackers, one of the Delhi-based hacker Pankaj Vohra said some links were seen on the internet hinting towards spreading of viruses.

“The reason is that people have started taking interest in the Jan Lokpal Bill and documents related to it are the most searched by the users,” he said.

However, many experts also claim that a group of hackers is patriotic as they are not harming the supporters of Hazare.

One of the groups, ZCompany Hacking Crew, had hacked many websites and posted a message in support of Anna Hazare on their blog on August 15.