New Delhi: The CBI on Friday warned students to be cautious while posting information on social networking websites and making acquaintances on such portals as the details are often misused by criminals who pose in the guise of someone else.

Senior officials of the agency were interacting with a group of 68 students from Delhi Public School, R K Puram, who have come at the swanky headquarters to understand the working of the premier agency and anti-corruption measures undertaken by it.

 "Even innocuous details such as 'I have to go my class at six' or 'going on vacation' posted on the web sites can be misused.The background of images posted by you can give vital details about your house which can be exploited by the criminals," DIG Binita Thakur told students.

The students were taken around the newly-constructed museum and given a chance to see the working of the CBI and evidence collection in the cases of bribery and corruption. The most exciting part for the students was display by the Forensics department of the agency where lie detection, polygraph tests, finger printing, handling of bribery cases and identifying fake currency and documents were showcased.

 "If a person is telling truth but is nervous, will it affect the lie detection test?" was the most common question asked by the students. The officials told them that they ask several normal questions like name, father's name etc to ease the person to be examined.