New Delhi: According to the latest reports of WHO (World Health Organization), spectre of deadly Hepatitis-B is looming large over 4 crore people in India and also has become a health hazard world over. Hepatitis –B is rated among the 10-most prominent reasons of deaths today.

Today two billion people world over are believed to be infected with this deadly virus while 35 billion more people are prone to this disease.
In this connection, WHO Director of South-East Asia, Dr Samlee Plianbangchang, said that 95 percent vaccination rate in new born babies is required to be achieved at any cost.

Taking this into consideration it has become necessary to make random checks of blood banks. There are seven types of viruses in Hepatitis B disease ranging from A to G.

Among these, viruses of group A, B, C and E are comparatively more deadly which attack our livers directly. However, 65 percent cases of group B-virus and 75 percent cases in group –C of these deadly diseases is not easy to be detected; it takes a more deadly form.

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