Most of the WhatsApp's invites to check the new voice calling feature are reportedly dangerous malware that fills the phone with various viruses. This breakout has aroused another major security question for the messaging service provider.

As per reports, when users are clicking on the link for the invite, they are directly being transferred to another website. There the users are asked to give a survey for WhatsApp and then are forced to download application that contains unsafe malwares for the handset.

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WhatsApp, few days ago, had started rolling out the 'voice-calling' feature for its Android users in India. The feature was first tested only for selective users.

However, the popular service provider had said that one needs to get an invitation from WhatsApp to add on the feature in his or her mobile messaging application.

Also earlier, users whose voice-calling feature was activated had the advantage of passing the invitation to their friends by making a call through WhatsApp, but the invite feature was later on removed.

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In February, another report had disclosed the WhatsApp users' pictures are vulnerable to strangers despite changing the privacy settings to 'contacts only'.